3DS Guide for Seedminer

Using Seedminer to get your movable.sed

Section I - movable_part1.sed

  1. Add your friend to your 3DS friendslist and let them add you
  2. Tell them to download Seedminer and install or run seedStarter on their 3DS
    • If your friend only has Userland homebrew, it may fail. Tell them to read the readme.txt in the Seedminer .zip, it has instructions for that case
  3. Let your friend do the following:
    • Press (B) to dump the LFCS from the friendlist
    • Power off your 3DS and insert the SD Card into the PC
    • From the /seedstarter/LFCS/ folder, send *_part1.sed containing the Friend Code of the stock 3DS
  4. Rename it to movable_part1.sed
  5. Copy the file into a new folder

Section II - Checking Python

  1. Open a command prompt by typing cmd into the start menu search bar and pressing Enter
  2. In the new black window, type py -3 --version
    • If it reports Python 3.x.x, you have Python 3
    • If it complains, you either have Python 2 or no Python at all
      • Go to python.org and download and install the most recent Python 3 version, then redo this part to confirm it worked

Section III - Downloading Seedminer and adding your ID0

  1. Download the latest release of Seedminer from here and extract the zip file
  2. Move movable_part1.sed into the seedminer folder you just extracted, where the seedminer_launcher3.py script is
  3. Hold SHIFT and right click on an empty space in the seedminer folder, then select Open PowerShell window here or Open command window here
  4. Type py -3 seedminer_launcher3.py update-db into the new window
  5. Wait for it to finish, then type py -3 seedminer_launcher3.py id0 YOUR ID0 HERE - replace YOUR ID0 HERE with your ID0 you copied before
    • Note: If you downloaded your movable_part1.sed from seedhelper then your ID0 is already added. You should recieve the error "improper ID0 length or already in file"
  6. Depending on what you want to use type the following:
    • GPU py -3 seedminer_launcher3.py gpu (preferred, use CPU if you only have integrated graphics!)
    • CPU py -3 seedminer_launcher3.py cpu (This can take a while!)
    If you encounter "bfcl is not recognized as an internal or external command [...]" then your anti-virus may have removed bfcl.exe. Disable it temporarily and re-extract the files from the seedminer archive
    If it only generated a movable_part2.sed with no other error or action, then update your graphics card drivers and try again
  7. After it finishes, you will have a movable.sed

Once you have your movable.sed continue with the DSiWare Injection Service