3DS Guide for Seedminer

Getting your Game patched

Section I - Using the DIS

  1. Open this website (if it should be offline or not working, you can use this one instead)
  2. Download the ctcert.bin and the injection archive USA/EUR/JPN.zip
  3. Upload the game XXXXXXXX.bin you previously saved to your Desktop in the DSiWare.bin field
  4. Upload your movable.sed and the ctcert.bin in their corresponding fields
  5. Unzip the downloaded injection archive and upload the game_XXX.app and the public_XXX.sav in their corresponding fields
  6. Click "Start!" and wait a few seconds
  7. The website will automatically offer the patched game as download
  8. Rename it by removing the .patched part, so it ends in .bin - for example XXXXXXXX.bin

Section II - Re-Import the Game

  1. Power off your 3DS and insert your SD Card into your PC
  2. Navigate to Nintendo 3DS > Your ID0 > 32 character folder > Nintendo DSiWare
  3. Copy the patched XXXXXXXX.bin file you downloaded and renamed into this folder, overwriting the file that is already there.
  4. Reinsert the SD Card into your 3DS and power it on
  5. Open System Settings, navigate to Data Management > DSiWare
  6. Tap SD Card, tap your game and tap "Copy". Overwrite the existing copy
    • Your game may appear as Sudoku or 4Swords even if it isn't the purchased game
  7. Exit System Settings, launch your DSiWare and press Touch to Start on the main menu. If the injection was successful you should be greeted with a green screen
    • Note: JPN Users will be greeted with a white screen upon launching the DSiWare
    If the game boots up normally, you have done something wrong. Redo the process from Section I above
  8. Power off your 3DS and insert your SD Card into your PC

Section III - Preparing your SD Card

  1. Download the latest Version of Luma3DS
  2. Download the latest Version of b9sTool
  3. Download the latest Version of the Homebrew Menu
  4. Copy boot.firm from the Luma3DS 7z archive to the root of your SD Card
  5. Copy boot.nds to the root of your SD Card
  6. Copy boot.3dsx (Homebrew Menu) to the root of your SD Card

Section IV - Installing boot9strap and configuring Luma3DS

  1. Reinsert the SD Card into your 3DS and power it on
  2. Launch b9sTool by starting your DSiWare game
    • You may need to load further into the game so it loads the modified save file
  3. Select "Install boot9strap" and confirm with START & SELECT
    • If you should encounter an error, please follow this guide
  4. Wait for it to say "Done!". Exit b9sTool and power off your 3DS
    • You may need to force power off by holding the power button
  5. Boot up your 3DS to launch the Luma3DS configuration menu
    • If your 3DS boots normally to the HOME Menu then boot9strap did not install correctly. Please follow Point B from this guide
  6. Use the (A) button and the D-pad to turn on "Show Nand or user string in System Settings"
  7. Press (Start) to save and reboot

You can now continue with the Finalizing Setup