3DS Guide for Seedminer

General Information

This guide will install Luma3DS with the help of Zoogie's Seedminer tool and a cheap DSiWare game. If you want a more technical explanation on how this actually works, then click here.
If you find any issues pertaining to this guide, please report it here.


If you already installed Luma3DS do not use this guide, otherwise you might brick! You can check this, by holding (Select) on boot and see if the Luma config menu shows up. If it does, this means you already have Custom Firmware.
Certain systems might need to be formatted due to the movable.sed not being mineable. This means you will lose all your data on your system including your savegames. If seedhelper reports a brute-force timeout, this does not mean your movable.sed is unmineable!

Section I - DSiWare Game

  1. Check this list if you already have any of the listed games. If you do, great, continue on with Section II
    Additionally, it also works with any of the following four games:
    • "Fieldrunners" (4B4644XX)
    • "Legends of Exidia" (4B4C45XX)
    • "Guitar Rock Tour" (4B4752XX)
    • "The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition" (4B5139XX)
  2. Press L+R in the HOME Menu to activate the camera
  3. Press the QR Code button on the bottom screen
  4. Scan any QR Code from the website linked above, making sure it is a game from your region
  5. Launch the eShop from the prompt (update your 3DS if necessary), buy the game and download it

Section II - Dumping Your Game

  1. Power on your 3DS
  2. Open System Settings, navigate to Data Management > DSiWare
  3. Under System Memory, tap your game and tap "Copy"
  4. Exit out of System Settings and power off your 3DS

Section III - Getting your ID0 and dsiware.bin

  1. Power off your 3DS
  2. Insert your SD Card into your PC and open the Nintendo 3DS folder
  3. You will now find one or multiple folders with 32-character-long names
  4. If you only have one then skip this step
    • Navigate one folder up so you can see the Nintendo 3DS folder again
    • Rename your Nintendo 3DS folder to Nintendo BACKUP by right-clicking it and selecting "Rename"
    • Put the SD Card back into your 3DS and power it on
    • Wait for it to generate its data on your SD Card
    • Power off your 3DS and insert the SD Card back into your PC
    • Open the Nintendo 3DS folder
  5. You should now see one folder with a 32-character-long name (see picture below).
    The name of this folder is your ID0 - remember/copy it
    • If you did NOT skip step 4, delete the Nintendo 3DS folder and rename the Nintendo BACKUP folder back to Nintendo 3DS
  6. Navigate into Your ID0 > 32-character-long name > Nintendo DSiWare
  7. You will find one or more XXXXXXXX.bin files. If you have multiple ones, go back to Section I and find the ID of the game you bought
  8. Copy the .bin file somewhere you can remember. For example, your desktop

(Recommended) I do not have a good graphics card or a friend with access to the homebrew launcher. Continue here

I do have a friend with access to the homebrew launcher and a somewhat good graphics card (Windows only!). Continue here