Frogminer Guide

What is Frogminer?

Frogminer is a free CFW (Custom Firmware) installation method for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems.

What will I need to do before I begin?

First, a test. Boot 3DS Download Play and launch DS Download Play (bottom button) and wait 10 seconds. If there is a black screen or error screen, DS mode is bricked and you can't use Frogminer, sorry. If DS Download Play boots as expected, great! Go ahead and complete the Steelminer Guide located here. Keep your movable.sed file, you will need it later on in this guide. NOTE: "Steel Diver: Sub Wars" is a FREE download. It's a different game than the 3DS launch title "Steel Diver" that costs money.


Section I: Prepping your SD card

  1. Insert your 3DS SD card into your PC
  2. Download the latest version of Luma3DS here
  3. Download the latest version of b9sTool here
  4. Download the latest version of Frogtool here
  5. Download the frogcert.bin here (You will need a torrent client like deluge or qbittorent to download the file)
  6. Copy the movable.sed you got from Steelminer to the root of your SD Card
  7. Copy boot.firm from the Luma3DS 7z archive to the root of your SD Card
  8. Copy boot.nds from the b9sTool archive to the root of your SD Card
  9. Copy the frogcert.bin to the root of your SD Card
  10. Create a folder called 3ds on the root of your SD Card
  11. Copy the Frogtool.3dsx from the Frogtool archive to the 3ds folder on the root of your SD Card

Section II: Injecting JPN Flipnote Studio into DS Download Play

  1. Reinsert the SD Card into your 3ds and power it on
  2. Launch Frogtool.3dsx from the Homebrew Launcher
  3. Select "INJECT patched DS Download Play" and press A
  4. Once finished, select "BOOT patched DS Download Play" and press A
    • This step might take a bit, so please be patient
  5. When the injection is finished, you should automatically boot into Japanese Flipnote Studio

Section III: Launching b9sTool

  1. Booted into Flipnote, follow these steps to boot into b9stool
  2. Select "Install boot9strap" and confirm with START & SELECT
  3. Wait for it to say "Done!" Exit b9sTool and power off your 3DS
    • You may need to force power off by holding the power button
  4. Power on your 3DS to launch the Luma3DS configuration menu
    • If your 3ds boots normally to the HOME Menu then boot9strap did not install correctly, please follow Point B from this guide.
  5. Use the (A) button and the D-pad to enable "Show Nand or user string in System Settings"
  6. Press START to save and reboot

You can now continue with the Finalizing Setup
Once completed, you can launch Frogtool from Homebrew Launcher and select "RESTORE clean DS Download Play" to restore Download Play functionality


  • zoogie - frogminer, seedminer, b9stool
  • Martin Korth (nocash) - location hints for flipnote privkeys, no$gba, Gbatek docs
  • Shutterbug2000 - ugopwn exploit
  • Fincs and Wintermute - Flipnote Lenny, a revised version of ugopwn
  • zacchi4k and Chromaryu - tool assistance
  • eip - original guide
  • Kuma - revision 2 of eips guide and proofreading
  • Jisagi - implementation and design